Lodge Rooms

Within Meeker Park Lodge, eleven rooms afford any guest a great night's stay. Dedicated to your relaxation and enjoyment, the lodge staff assists guests in feeling at home. After a wonderful nights' sleep, guests can rise at sunrise and enjoy a hearty breakfast of flapjacks, bacon and coffee. After a day of hiking, fishing, or horseback riding, the lodge is the perfect spot to rest. Enjoy fine dining merely 20 minutes away, or moonlit walks while gazing at the multitude of stars in the night sky.


    Deluxe Rooms

    w/Electric Heat, Wall to Wall Carpet & Private Bath

  • Rooms for 1-2 People- $85.00/day $510.00/week
  • Rooms for 3 People- $97.00/day $582.00/week
  • Regular Rooms

    w/Central Bathroom Facilities

  • Rooms 1 - 2 People- $66.00/day $396.00/week


For more details and information, please contact us (303) 747-2266 or download our 2009 Lodge and Cabin Rates Brochure (in PDF format).